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The P.I.E. Education Program is driven by global challenges that engage you in leading, managing, and innovating. Our social team-based approach allows you to make positive social impact in the lives of many while learning how to collaborate and communicate effectively. Our curriculum of project management, innovation and entrepreneurship helps Change-Makers build a strong foundation. Real-world case studies from start-ups to global 1000/2000 organizations are relatable, demonstrating applications of concepts. And it doesn’t stop there. P.I.E. is about learning by doing.

Prepr-PIE-graphicThrough P.I.E. we are building an engaged community of Change-Makers that want to solve global challenges while developing key transferrable skills that can be applied to every aspect of their life. To learn more about P.I.E. and request an early invitation please visit Prepr PIE. Enrolment is limited, reserve your space now!