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Prepr Edu

What is Prepr Edu?

The Prepr Edu Project is the aggregation and creation of content for the Prepr learning community.

Amassing Open Education Resources (OER) from top universities including, MIT, Harvard, Stanford and many others, Prepr will ensure a high standard of content. And the Prepr format means that course content will always be accessible with a quick search. You won’t need to register for a course or wait for content to be released.

creative-contentCollaborating with educators and innovators, Prepr will also create content in the areas of project management, innovation and entrepreneurship. At Prepr we believe that key skills for the future include: collaboration, independent thinking, curiosity, and effective oral and written communication. By teaching and nurturing these skills Prepr is helping to prepare learners to be innovators and influencers, and to be people companies want to hire.

Who will benefit from Prepr Edu? 

Prepr Edu content is for students who can’t afford tuition, working adults upgrading their skills, and anyone who wants to join a group of passionate, engaged learners. These students not only want to learn, but also have their knowledge and skills recognized.
The Prepr Edu project grants badges and certificates to learners as they master skills, demonstrate knowledge and gain experience. Certificates are awarded for a group of skills, while badges pertain to a specific skill. Both signal competence to employers, and provide a tangible goal for learners.