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Prepr’s Vision

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Our mission is to create an online social learning community that provides the tools and support to make education effective, engaging and accessible.

We envision a world where students are empowered to ask questions, seek knowledge, and innovate together. A future where education is a basic human right that improves the lives of individuals, families and communities.

What is the Prepr Method?

By aggregating content Prepr will become the go-to place for accessing educational resources. Content online can be difficult to find. By indexing and tagging it we will help you connect with the information you need.

Higher education is more than a stream of content broken down into courses, it is an opportunity to interact with other learners, develop communication skills, and challenge ideas together. Prepr provides this forum for the online community – you will be presented with real world challenges asked to discuss and debate solutions.

Prepr will foster curiosity and a love of learning by providing real world relevance and making content easily findable. The Prepr community will allow you to explore multiple topics simultaneously and follow your passion.

Prepr will help you develop independent thinking by presenting multiple perspectives and facilitating a critical discussion around big ideas. In the early stages you will watch others challenge the status quo and ask provocative questions. But, soon you will be invited to join the conversation by offering opinions, and ultimately innovating.