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"Collaborating with Prepr has brought an authenticity to my programming that I crave, and that my students have now come to expect. My students benefit tremendously from this type of collaboration and mentoring."

Rich Baxter,

Award-winning Eductor 

Toronto District School Board

Develop a mindset of experimenation, rigourously test ideas and learn to ask tough questions.

Creativity can be learned and we'll teach you how. Learn how to see the world like a designer.

Re-discover your thirst for ideas, explore new topics and become an active life-long learner.

Introduce Your Students to a Mindset for Success

Share ideas and learn together. Connect with a global community of passionate, engaged peers.

  • Why it's valuable to your students? Effective, skills based education. 21st century skills, introduce Prepr Mindset & employability skills) - Curiosity, Crttical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration)

Our problem-based and interdisciplinary program brings concepts to life and engages students using real-world examples.

The program uses a project-based approach where students select a challenge and apply their skills by completing assignments and earning badges.

With the PIE® Program your students get to develop their teamwork and collaboration skills as they work on projects and learn together.


What do I get - complete learning modules including reading materials, assignments, worksheets, evaluations and social learning platform...

What is it? ENGAGING! Interdisciplinary, project based, problem based, game based, social collaborative learning

Project Leadership

Help them get things done more effectively, prioritize tasks and collaborate with teammates.

Teach them how to solve real-world problems with a framework for creating and evaluating solutions.

Introduce them to the basics of taking an idea to market, including distribution channels and customer acquisition.

Teach your students the 3 Phases of PIE® to help them work more effectively in teams, create solutions to tough problems and understand the basics of starting a business.

Encourage your students to work together as a team - sharing their ideas and asking questions in your secure, private online group. You add your students and give them an online work space that's easy to access.

Collaborate in and out of the classroom with  your private online group
Increase Student Engagement
Help your students get excited about learning again with our hands-on project based approach. The real world relevance keeps your students interested. 
Get Ready-to-use Resources & Worksheets
We know how challenging teaching can be - especially finding high quality, relevant resources. We make it easy with our complete and free PIE™ Education program. 
Foster Creativity
With our courses on innovation, your students will learn to identify and solve problems quickly by working in teams and asking the right questions.
Encourage Entrepreneurship
The world of work is changing and students that learn how to create great products and solutions will always be in high demand. 
Develop Resilience
Students that learn to persevere when things get tough tend to outperform their  peers. Our program encourages students to try new things and work at the edge of their abilities.
Promote Good Work Habits
Help your students learn how to manage their time effectively with project leadership resources and worksheets.
6 Reasons You Should Bring PIE® to Your Classroom

With our interdisciplinary, project-based education program we will help you prepare your students for the 21st century.

Skill-based education, at your fingertips.

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Ready to explore how our PIE Education Program can help prepare your students for the 21st century?  Get in touch to learn more about how our structured, interdisciplinary program can work for your students. Submit the form below to download our Program Outline, or call or email for more information.

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Prepr promotes open education and open innovation globally. Through our PIE® Program we help individuals, teams & businesses develop core skills in Project Leadership, Innovation,  and Entrepreneurship

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