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Nurture employee talent  and incubate ideas internally using our PIE® Education Program.

Accelerate innovation and commercialize faster.

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Ready to explore the value of PIE Education for your teams? Get in touch to learn more how our programs can prepare your teams with the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to accelerate innovation. Whether you want to enhance existing solutions or develop new ones, we can help you tackle your toughest challenges.  Find out how, get in touch.

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The PIE® Program is flexible, whether you prefer to use your own system, offer in-person workshops, use our Private Cloud or a combination thereof, we make it easy for your employees to learn, innovate and collaborate at their own pace.


Education that fits
your business.
Choose how to engage, 
online or off.
Project Leadership

Give your employees a crash course in agile project leadership. We provide the tools and strategies to help them focus on high-value tasks.

Leverage the experience of your workforce to identify challenges, improve existing products or develop new solutions, using our Innovation Framework.

Develop business acumen in your employees,  and use our experimentation approach for testing new products and developing your customer base.

Skill Training that is Engaging and Relevant
Learn the 3 Phases of PIE to boost productivity, solve problems and understand how to get, keep and grow customers.
With the three pillars of the PIE® Education Program, your teams gets the skills, mindset and framework to begin adding value to their work immediately. They'll learn repeatable processes that work. 
Growth Mindset
Encourage a mindset of reflection, growth, and continuous improvement. Help to nurture your employee's potential with the PIE Program. 
Internal Incubation
Through the PIE Program, you can give your employees the skills, knowledge and framework they need to generate, prototype and test new ideas. 
Promote collaboration across divisions within your organization and work to develop ideas that make sense for all areas of your business.
Engaging & Relevant
Our program is immediately relevant to the real world and your employee's can begin applying the concepts they learn immediately.
Framework for Success
The PIE Program is more than a series of concepts, it's a repeatable framework for success that can be applied across many business areas.
We can tailor the program , from the curriculum to the implementation, based on the needs and culture of your organization.
6 Reasons Businesses Choose PIE® Education

We Make it Easy with End-to-End Program Support

Phase 1 - Strategic Planning
We work with you to prioritize goals and conduct an initial assessment. We then develop a strategy for implementation and engagement.
Phase 2 - Implementation
We offer a range of implementation options from 1 day workshops for getting started, through to Train the Trainer certification programs to help you scale internally.
Phase 3 - Managed Services
Once the program has been rolled-out,  we help to drive impact and  keep it running smoothly with on-going support and advisory services.
Phase 4 - Insights
We live what we teach. Ongoing assessment and optimization are built into the program. We will work with you to assess your key metrics, communicate the impact and look for ways to improve moving forward.
An Experimentation Framework to Succeed Faster
Learn the 3 Phases of PIE to boost productivity, solve problems and understand how to get, keep and grow customers.
At the core of the PIE Program is an experimentation framework that encourages an iterative, collaborative, and rapid approach to developing and testing ideas. It can be applied across many sectors of your business, from implementing a new project management process to developing a go-to-market strategy. With our PIE Experimentation Framework you and your teams can decide what works and what doesn't before investing more time and money.

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Education that fits your business.
Choose how to engage, 
online or off.
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Prepr promotes open education and open innovation globally. Through our PIE® Program we help individuals, teams & businesses develop core skills in Project Leadership, Innovation,  and Entrepreneurship

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For organizations looking to develop a comprehensive employee training program, or those looking to build an internal Innovation Center, Prepr's Train the Trainer program allows you to scale. We also offer certifications to recognize the achievements of indivduals and trainers.
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