Help develop the next
generation of leaders
as a Prepr Advisor

As an experienced professional in your field you’ve had people
encouraging and mentoring you along the way. By joining as a
Prepr Expert, you get a chance to pay-it-forward.


It’s only 1 hour minimum per month

Choose How You Want To Get Involved

Give Feedback

Advise team by providing feedback and guidance on their projects and presentations.

Answer Questions

Support learners through the community forums, sharing your wisdom and feedback.

Contribute Resources

Help us make the PIE Program even better by enhancing existing resources, or contributing new ones.

“Having been a Prepr Advisor since inception, I”ve been able to help shape not only the direction of the organization, but also benefit from innovation insights gained through the PIE Program.”

Jules S.
Business Model & Infrastructure Advisor
– Vice President, Business Operations at Cascade Global

“I have been advising Prepr in matters of security & privacy since 2011 and have watched the evolution of the organization and projects in the portfolio. Its great to know we’ve made a difference.”

Ben B.
Technology & Security Advisor
– Managing Director, Eosensa Inc.

Pay-It-Forward and get Recognized as an Advisor

Be Part of the Change

In a world full of challenges you can make a difference by donating just a few hours a month.

Become a Mentor

There are many challenges to success. Share your wisdom with the next generation through virtual mentorship.

Get Recognized

Aside from the gratitude you’ll get from the people you help, you’ll also earn badges for your contributions.

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Are you ready to pay it forward and help develop the next generation of leaders? We are always looking for
passionate, experienced advisors. All eligible candidates are encouraged to apply.

Salar Chagpar

Chief Visioneer