Bridging The Gap Between Education and Employment

education and employment

Bridging The Gap Between Education and Employment

Education for Employment

In recent years, it’s been harder than ever for college or university students to find meaningful employment after graduation. Despite going through numerous courses and numerous hours of studying, students are often left with raw knowledge or skills that aren’t directly applicable to real world. Students are used to being tested using multiple choice, scantron technology or writing essays- all which render quite useless in a real world application. As far as exams go, they may test a students ability to remember relevant information, equations or dates. In reality “exam” type problems within an organization are solved in a collaborative method often involving multiple different departments. In today’s curriculum, a student in a Computer Science program will rarely collaborate with a student in Business, where in reality it is the collaboration of disciplines that drive innovation.

All of these factors highlight a disconnect between the public sector of education, and the private sector of employment. This is the issue that Prepr, the Prepr Network and our PIE® framework aims to solve, while at the same time, developing valuable skills in project leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. Student’s looking to further their skills, while showcasing them are able to build a team and solve real world problems using our 3-Phase PIE® program. The framework is applicable to to just about any age group, within any type of study.

“New Schools”, Innovation Centers, and Learn Labs have been opening across the world in recent years such as NewTech Network, XQ Schools and Big Picture Learning are examples of initiatives aimed at reimagining public and high schools. Prepr offers an all-in-one kit for teachers, including workbooks, frameworks and online portals to check each step. As a teacher, you have seen the change in students attitudes towards towards education whether it be obstructed by technology, social media and devices, and may be asking yourself how you can make more students engaged and excited about learning.

At Prepr, we believe a key to unlocking a students full potential is to let them explore and experiment with their passion and interests. The PIE® framework allows and encourages creativity and problem solving in a way that it is inclusive to all types of learners. Check out our PIE® kit for Teachers page for more information about what we have to offer and how we can engage and prepare your students for the future.

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