Choosing a Career in Today’s Digital Marketplace

Choosing a Career in Today’s Digital Marketplace

Digitization is creating increasingly wider skills gaps and, therefore, greater opportunities for those prepared to fill them. By choosing to work towards a digital-focused career, one can easily plan for the future with excitement and confidence. Learning essential technological and digital skills is a great way to bolster your resume and look towards a potential career with action and promise.

It can often be challenging to know where to start when looking at potential careers. And the idea of a digital career can be off-putting to many who don’t view themselves as tech-savvy or interested in hard-digital skills like development or cyber-security. But even outside of those pathways, there are so many doors that have been opened by digital technology in marketing, design, and management. So consider your interests, your current skills, and what important future skills you’d like to acquire.

From there, explore the current skills gaps in the job market – how can you work to fill these shoes and bridge this gap? Next, consider which technical skills are growing in necessity and how they can translate into specific fields or career paths. For instance, there continues to be a growing demand for SEO and data analytics skills, which can translate into a career in digital marketing. From there, consider how you can find a digital niche that aligns with your interests; if you’re interested in psychology or writing, then a digital marketing career might be a better fit for you than you realize.  

Importantly, don’t be afraid to give things a try. Take courses, create projects, shadow a professional, ask questions – you may find an unforeseen passion, or you may realize you dislike something you thought you’d love – either way, testing the waters is not only a great way to understand yourself and your future better, but it’s also a great way to gain experience and make connections. 

Giving your career a test drive is easy with Prepr’s Digital Capability Labs. Learn new skills, put knowledge into practice, and find your perfect career fit.

Also, remember to continue to build your skills and never stop exploring your options – ongoing learning can be pivotal, and you are always able to shift, grow, and change as your life moves forward. With the ever-growing, ever-changing digital landscape, continuing education and future-proof skills building is an integral part of any career path – no matter how that path turns and twists over time. 


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