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Prepr wants students to experience a learning opportunity like no other, one that will give them employable skills for the uncertain future of work.

We need passionate educators like you to help us with this mission.

What is Prepr’s Innovative Learning Experience program?

With Prepr, students learn the verified PIE™ method, an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving that combines Project Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for a formula that works in the real world. Students collaborate to solve global problems that they are passionate about, making a difference for not only their own future but also the world’s. 

Bringing Prepr innovation challenges and the PIE™ method into the classroom gives students a co-curricular, experiential learning opportunity in which they can practice solving industry and workplace challenges in conjunction with their standard curriculum. This work-integrated learning (WIL) experience prepares students for their future career exploration with real-world problem-solving ability.

When educators implement Prepr’s program, students gain invaluable, future-proof skills


The teamwork involved in Prepr challenges is invaluable hands-on experience, as students will be faced with large, real-world problems and asked to come together, combine their unique abilities, ideate creative solutions, and execute a final product all together.


Through the collaborative experience, students will learn how to approach problems effectively and engineer successful solutions. The versatile framework of PIE will equip students with a lifelong toolkit for solving problems in their professional career path, academia, and everyday life.


Prepr’s program is unique in that it gives educators the tools to teach students how to unlock their most innovative ideas. The educator’s work-integrated learning guides students to think both critically and creatively in order to solve big problems.

Project Leadership and Management

Students learn how to confidently lead and manage challenging projects. They take initiative in order to enact change for an issue they are passionate about, and, in the process, become natural leaders with experience to showcase in the workplace.

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