Conceptualizing Education in the Cloud

Classroom with large windows and an open sky

Conceptualizing Education in the Cloud

With every technological innovation comes a plethora of applications, and it is in the way we apply our technology that defines our efficiency. This principle is embodied throughout every Silicon Valley corporation that has harnessed technology to solve problems in a countless number of fields. Yet it hasn’t been applied in its entirety to one very important component of our lives – Education.

We have not yet explored the full range of applications for the technology we have developed and are continuously developing in terms of how we approach the systematic task of education. In the same way GPS changed cartography and broadband Internet changed computing, we can change the way we approach and think about education. We can rethink and re-engineer the way we generate, broadcast, and consume educational content.

The Prepr Foundation has made it our initiative to go around the world and find out the best ways to present and generate educational content. We believe that Education should be by the people and for the people. That education should be open and know no bounds and we should harness the technologies at our disposal to improve the experience for both the teachers and the students.

If you also think that it’s time to get together and use our resources to facilitate open education globally then join the Prepr movement. Sign up for a account on for latest news and updates. And as always we’d like to hear from you guys, tell us what you think are the best ways to improve Education through technological innovation in the comments or e-mail us at

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