Attract Talent, Upskill Employees, Future-Proof Your Organization. Solve Faster with the Prepr Network.

Prepr empowers individuals to build both soft and hard skills by tackling real-world challenges to create business opportunities and unlock their infinite learning potential. Prepr is bridging the innovation and education highway through co-LAB networks, that bring together organizations from the public and private sector.

We Help Future-Proof Your Organization


Organization’s are struggling with talent management, including acquiring, retaining and empowering people to build the skills needed to tackle the problems of the future.


Prepr delivers the only learning experience network that helps organizations and teams develop a culture of innovation while helping them attract, empower and retain talent.


We do this by creating dedicated labs for individuals and teams to co-learn and co-lab together in order to co-solve organizational challenges.

Solve Challenges Through the Prepr Network

Collaboration Portal

We create a space for employees and challenge participants to collaborate and innovate together.

Rewards & Incentives

We help you attract the best and the brightest talent with tailored rewards and incentives for employees & solvers.

Co-branded badges

Upskill employees and validate their learning with co-branded Prepr badges.

Sponsored Challenges

(Open or Closed)

Explore Lab Programs to Innovate, Attract Talent & Upskill Employees

PIE® Challenge Kits

A PIE® Kit includes everything needed to work with a team in order to brainstorm ideas and develop organizational solutions. A copy of the PIE® Book, the PIE® Loop, a deck of PIE® Method Cards, a set of PIE® Canvases, and PIE® Workbooks that work together to guide individuals through each of the 15 steps in the framework.

Custom Workshops and Certification

We can deliver custom workshops around PIE® for employees, trainers, and leaders of your organization so you can champion the method internally with your teams and help them with each step as they progress.

LearnLab Portal™

Tracking ongoing project data online allows team members to showcase and track their achievements. This is done to demonstrate and certify that they have completed Prepr’s minimum requirement for obtaining PIE® credential to showcase their newly obtained skills and their completion of a challenge internally.

Project Leadership

Give your employees a crash course in agile project leadership. We provide the tools and strategies to help them focus on high-value tasks.


Leverage the experience of your workforce to identify challenges, improve existing products, or develop new solutions, using our innovation framework.


Develop business acumen in your employees and use our experimentation approach for testing new products and developing your customer base.

6 Reasons to co-LAB with Prepr

Agile Growth Mindset

Inspire a culture of reflection, growth and continuous improvement. Foster learning agility and help individuals develop essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.

Engage Top Talent

By creating sponsored challenges in the Prepr network, you can engage with talent and create a pipeline for future recruitment, identify high potential candidates and connect with them.

Foster Future Skills

With the future of work changing rapidly, you need a workforce that not only have the skills of today, they also have a life-long learning mindset to enable them to succeed tomorrow.

Create Learning Experiences

Empower your teams with the skills, knowledge and framework they need to generate, prototype and test new ideas and solve organizational challenges.

Reward & Recognize

Recognize employees for showcasing their skills, and reward them for achieving key milestones with workforce credentials, badges, prizes and more.

Customized to Your Needs

Our Lab Programs and Portal can be tailored to suit your needs, from custom workshops and challenge kits, to technology integrations such as SSO, HRIS or LTI.

Learn how Prepr can help your organization unlock human potential

We custom tailor our Lab Programs to help you reach your organization’s goals. Whether you are looking to upskill your employees or tap into new talent pools, Prepr can help.

Salar Chagpar

Chief Visioneer

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