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Join the Prepr Network, get access to our real-world challenges, and get recognized as a problem solver and change-maker. Get rewarded while building your skills and developing a portfolio that employers will be excited to see.

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Step outside of the classroom and tackle a real-world challenges. From diving into challenges associated with one of the 17 UN Global Goals, to exploring the intersection of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can set your own path. Explore challenges to upskill, to win prizes, and to make a difference.

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Connect with other like-minded people by joining Labs, and stay-up to date on the latest news and challenges. From co-working spaces to incubators and accelerators to entrepreneurship support organizations, our extensive location-based directory will help you find teams, experts and resources near you.

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Complete challenges to earn points, collect badges, and unlock new challenges. Ready to step it up a notch? Join one of our sponsored challenges for a chance to win prizes and more.

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By focusing on developing your soft skills you will be more adaptable and ready for whatever the world throws at you. Join the network, upskill and demonstrate your new skills, from creativity to analytical reasoning and everything in between.

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It’s hard to stand out from the crowd today. Build a portfolio of real-world projects to demonstrate your skill, as well as your commitment to life-long learning.

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