Prepr: The Solution for Educating “Gen Z”

prepr for generation z

Prepr: The Solution for Educating “Gen Z”

Generation Z is altering the methodologies of education for the future. As they finish high school and enter into college or university, the style of learning, methods and applications is disrupting how students of this age have traditionally been taught for years. They tend to embrace social learning environments and enjoy hands-on learning. Research report shows that generation Z refuses the traditional passive learning environment offered by schools and colleges – they don’t want to just simply show up and sit in class or take notes during a lecture. Instead,  they want to be engaged and be a part of the learning experience themselves. Other important traits to notice are that they strongly believe in their values, and are committed to being global citizens. Everything from climate change, gender equality, political environment, generation Z tends to value a progressive world, and wants to see that reflected in their learning environment.

Statistics On Gen-Z and How a Prepr Lab Can Support Education

  • 52% of surveyed students say they learn better by doing instead of listening. They rate the most helpful learning tools in a class “discussions” and “working through concepts as a team”

The entire PIE framework is aimed for students to actually “do”: Whether it is synthesizing, ideating or creating, students are encouraged to have a physical component. This could be ideas on a sticky note, a 3D model made from paper/cardboard or for the tech side, a mock-up of a website or app. This is crucial for driving innovation, and ensuring students are engaged throughout the process.

  • 80% Usually study with friends, 67% say that studying with friends makes learning more fun, 52% enjoy helping their friends learn.

The first step of the PIE framework is adopting a growth mindset, and building an agile team. We believe the best innovations can come when students collaborate. Working in a team (or with friends) is a key component of the PIE innovation framework.

  • 84% of teens plan on taking a college course or credit while in high school. 64% like advanced courses more than normal classes. 35% already do, or plan on owning their own business in future.

Despite what some people think of this generation, they enjoy preparing themselves for the future and look forward to taking on big challenges by setting the bar high for themselves. Prepr and the PIE framework works perfectly as “an extra credit” or a tool a student can use to push themselves and gain insights, and experience in a certain field. The last phase of the PIE book is entrepreneurship, and shares valuable insights aimed to lower the risk of an entrepreneurial venture failing.

  • Their Primary concern with post-secondary school education is finding a Job after university or college.

Within our network, we hope to connect businesses with students and entrepreneurs. The goal is that businesses can post and sponsor challenges, giving students an incentive and platform to show their skills, with something to present employers more than just their resume or grades.

These statistics are no surprise as this generation has grown up connected to one another at the convenience of a button. The next question is, how can classrooms change with the needs and wants of this generation? There are many opportunities presented for colleges and universities, but recognizing that this generation is different is a key step to unlocking new innovations.

Barnes and Noble Researchers suggest “to capitalize on Gen Z’s ability to self-educate and co-create content, traditional learning materials could be supplemented and enhanced with digital opportunities.” This is where Prepr can make a meaningful difference in educating this generation and creating new learning habits catered for the specific group. At Prepr, our goal is to create a digital network where students can co-lab to co-solve real world problems. We work closely with the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals to offer students challenges where they can learn, experiment and hopefully make a difference in the world. Prepr offers an interdisciplinary approach through our PIE book which teaches students important skills in project leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. As students work through the PIE loop they are encouraged to collaborate with each other, teachers and professionals outside of the classroom. Students will have a platform to create, collaborate, solve and show their work all through web and mobile apps. As the private sector becomes more and more competitive, the sponsorship of challenges by businesses will prove to be a considerably useful tool for accelerating the hiring process and innovation both in the workplace and real world.


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