Promoting peace and justice, together with effective, accountable and inclusive institutions, remains uneven across regions. We must create inclusive societies for sustainable development and ensure access to justice for all.


Birth registration has occurred for 73% of children under 5, but only 46% of Sub-Saharan Africa have had their births registered.

Every 5 minutes, somewhere in the world, a child is killed by violence.

The proportion of prisoners held in detention without sentencing has remained almost constant in the last decade, at 31% of all prisoners.

Violence against children affects more than 1 billion children around the world and costs societies up to US$7 trillion a year.

50% of the world’s children experience violence every year.

Approximately 28.5 million primary school age who are out of school live in conflict-affected areas.

1 in 10 children is sexually abused before the age of 18.

9 in 10 children live in countries where corporal punishment is not fully prohibited, leaving 732 million children without legal protection.

1 in 3 internet users worldwide is a child and 800 million of them use social media. Any child can become a victim of online violence.

Child online sexual abuse reports to NCMEC has grown from 1 million in 2014 to 45 million in 2018.

246 million children worldwide affected by school-related violence each year.

1 in 3 students has been bullied by their peers at school in the last month, and at least 1 in 10 children have experienced cyberbullying.


Compassion and a strong moral compass is essential to every society. We must ensure we have strong institutions, global standards of justice and commitment to peace across the globe. Take on the challenge of peace, justice and institutions with Prepr.

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