What is Futur{e} Challenge?

Futur{e} Challenge is a national initiative designed to bring together the public and private sector to join forces and establish programs to address the skills gap facing many organizations.

Through workshops and an open challenge call, it explores the intersection of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence with key industries such as Automotive, Food or Energy. Want to explore what’s new and next while looking at where and how industries should focus on up-skilling? Get involved today.


Get started by identifying the industry that aligns with your interest or expertise.

Technology Verticals

As part of the Industry Future Challenge series, we’ve designed 10 interactive Virtual Workshops with key panelists from both the public & private sector as well as a facilitated design thinking sessions to be held between November 4th through March 31st, 2021, All participants will have the opportunity to learn from the expert panelists on the impact of technology on the future of work and learning in each of the 10 industries highlighted above.


Growth(coming soon)


Recovery(coming soon)

Key Details & Dates


30 days, recurring monthly

Challenge Workshop Invitations

October 2020 – March 2021

Futur{e} Challenge Timeline

Phase 1

Challenge Workshop Invitations

Phase 2

Host multi-stakeholder Challenge Workshops

Phase 3

Open Call for Concepts

Phase 4

Set timeline for each Industry Challenge

Phase 5

Project Evaluation & Review

Phase 6

The shortlist of winners is released

Why Get Involved

We know that disruptive technologies have the potential to change the types of skills that employers want and need. During this workshop series industry participants can share what they are experiencing, as well as looking to the horizon for how to address the growing skills gap.



Over $750,000 in awesome prizes & incentives to take your idea to market


Build your portfolio & discover digital career pathways


Create social impact



Empower students to become innovative problem solvers


Create remote work-integrated learning experience


Connect students with employers



Engage employees to identify challenges and opportunities


Discover new talent


Gain visibility to new industry innovations

Prize Pool


$25,000 in AWS credits**


$5,000 in business support from AWS**


$5,000 in AWS credits for ALL project teams**


$300 in Linux course credits to ALL winning teams


$1,000 in Learn Lab Kits from Prepr

**dependent on company eligibility and net of other AWS Activate credits previously received

Apply to Participate

Our goal is to create meaningful exchanges between public and private sector organizations. Interested in being part of the conversation? Get involved by attending a challenge workshop or be part of the change by supporting the initiative as a sponsor.


Who is the competition open to?

Students who are in University or College whether in a diploma, undergraduate or graduate program, as well as recent graduates.

Startups who have been incorporated for less than 2-years.

Scale-ups who have been incorporated for more than 5-years.

How do you decide the winners?

Tier 1- Panels of top industry experts, leaders in each technology vertical, as well as evaluation from invited partners who are vested in piloting and implementing solutions to the challenges.

Tier 2- All challenge participants must vote.

What does the winner receive?

Recognition by Prepr and its network of partners as the winner of the national industry challenge in their respective technology vertical.

Networking with other like-minded problem solvers in your technology vertical and industry of focus.

Co-creation opportunities with the network of partners by invitation.

Access to ongoing support and resources to help with your solution creation and development process.

What happens to the winning idea?

Must be licensed under an open-source license or as otherwise indicated by each specific industry-technology vertical partner network. Each challenge will have a clear challenge agreement to ensure any changes to the open-source license requirement are identified clearly. Awarded funds will be allocated to the winning team to carry out the solution and required to continue to build out the project on the Prepr Network for visibility to Prepr Partner Network.