Engage, Enhance & Empower your event virtual attendees & partners.

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Whether you’re thinking about running a think tank session, incorporating a design challenge, running a Hackathon or catalyzing an event that leapfrogs from your event, Prepr can help. With our experimental learning programs and co-lab network, we can equip your event organization with customized innovation and challenge kits, empower your attendees and equip both your partners and sponsors to systematically capture ideas, issue digital credentials, provide trophies to the best idea as well as create an ongoing dialogue that continues at the event and beyond.

Why partner with Prepr for your next Virtual Event?


Capture Ideas

Leverage our methodology and LearnLab platform to shape and capture participants’ ideas and projects.


Issue Digital Credentials

Offer all attendees a digital credential that they can export to other digital platforms, including LinkedIn.


Award Trophies

Offer trophies to incentivize engagement and reward stand-out event participants for their performance.


Challenge Kits

Using our PIE challenge kit, push event participants to reach their full potentials with materials to support and enhance their ideas and projects


Post Event Dialogues

Maintain and build a relationship with participants post-event in order to keep them in the loop for future events and highlights.


Empower Attendees

Through virtual collaboration spaces such as Open Labs, give all attendees a voice and a place to share their ideas.

Our goal is to become your partner in driving high value engagement for your attendees, partners and sponsors. We provide end-to-end services and support for your next virtual event.

Featured Event Types

Internal Challenges

  • Are you running a private internal innovation event or challenge
  • Leverage Prepr’s programming and LearnLab platform to enhance your next virtual challenge event
  • Curate and assess a collection of projects submitted in response to your challenge

Startup Challenges

  • Prepr’s startup challenges will allow you to connect with visioneers who are driven to develop forward thinking solutions
  • Connect to the best talent and expand your organization’s innovation, through virtual startup events

 Hackathon Challenges

  • Connect to the tech industry, attract talent and be the source for future creations through creating a hackathon with Prepr
  • Get direct involvement with organizations and facilitation of Prepr hackathons
  • Get exclusive access to innovative projects created during hackathons and connect with standout hackathon talent and participants

Learn how Prepr can support your next virtual event.