Virtual Workshop Series

Industry Future Challenge & Opportunity Identification

The Futur{e}Challenge industry workshops are facilitated hands-on sessions where participants collaborate with a diverse range of individuals from the public and private sectors. Participants will walk away with a process that they can use within their organizations to identify challenges and opportunities. They will also be introduced to the concept of a Lean Learn Lab to support upskilling and re-skilling initiatives within their organization.

IFC workshop

What is Futur{e}Challenge?

Futur{e}Challenge is an initiative to explore the intersection of disruptive technologies such as cyber-security, smart cities, and artificial intelligence, on the future of work and industry. Through workshops and an open challenge call, it aims to identify challenges and opportunities across select industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and retail.

How can we identify future challenges and opportunities in a post-pandemic era?

The pandemic has changed industries as we know them, forever. The opportunities we had before the pandemic may never look the same again. As we find ourselves in this unprecedented pace of global change, how can we identify and take advantage of new opportunities and challenges within ever-changing industries?

Prepr has invited a panel of industry experts in Healthcare to discuss the key topics of remote work & learn in the pandemic, the future skills needed for this new normal, and how to identify industry challenges and turn them into opportunities.

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