Co-Innovating the Future of Energy in a Post-Pandemic Era


December 16th, 2020   1 pm EST / 10 am PST

Learn how to identify challenges and opportunities that will impact the future of the energy industry and the way we work & learn.


What is Futur{e}Challenge?

Futur{e}Challenge is an initiative to explore the intersection of disruptive technologies such as cyber-security, smart cities, and artificial intelligence, in the future of work and industry. Through workshops and an open challenge call, it aims to identify challenges and opportunities across select industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and retail.

What are the Futur{e}Challenge industry workshops?

The Futur{e}Challenge industry workshops are facilitated hands-on sessions where participants collaborate with a diverse range of individuals from the public and private sectors. Participants will walk away with a process that they can use within their organizations to identify challenges and opportunities. They will also be introduced to the concept of a Lean Learn Lab to support upskilling and re-skilling initiatives within their organization.

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The Future of Energy

We know that the future of work has been shifting rapidly, with many changes being accelerated by COVID-19 in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Through this interactive half-day virtual workshop we will be exploring innovative solutions to current remote work & learn challenges in the Energy sector. A key topic of discussion will be the role of Work-Integrated and Experiential Learning as part of the driving force behind upskilling and reskilling the Energy industry.

We will also explore how to leverage the creation of internal ‘Lean Learn Labs’ to support how organizations can create engaging remote work & learn experiences using a hybrid challenge-based, project-based learning framework. Through participation, you will gain new insights as well as get introduced to new tools, approaches and resources to bring back to your organizations to turn challenges into learning opportunities.

Expert Panel


Sponsored by our partners Chicago Connectory by Bosch, Linux Foundation, Amazon Web Services, and Magnet Network-Ryerson University, we invite you to join this discussion, engage with our experts, and network with other individuals in your industry. 



1:00 PM – 1:10 PM – Intro, Acknowledgements, & Virtual Networking

1:10 PM – 2:10 PM – Expert Panel: Future of Remote Work & Learning in a Post-Pandemic Era

2:10 PM – 3:00 PM – Identifying Opportunities & Challenges – Future of Energy