Healthcare Industry Future Challenge Workshop Recordings


November 4th, 2020   1 pm EST / 10 am PST

Learn how to identify challenges and opportunities that will impact the future of the healthcare industry and the way we work & learn.

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Expert Panelists

We know that the future of work has been shifting rapidly, with many changes being accelerated by COVID-19 in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Through this interactive half-day virtual workshop we will be exploring innovative solutions to current remote work & learn challenges in the healthcare sector. A key topic of discussion will be the role of Work-Integrated and Experiential Learning as part of the driving force behind upskilling and reskilling the healthcare industry.

We will also explore how to leverage the creation of internal ‘Lean Learn Labs’ to support how organizations can create engaging remote work & learn experiences using a hybrid challenge-based, project-based learning framework. Through participation, you will gain new insights as well as get introduced to new tools, approaches and resources to bring back to your organizations to turn challenges into learning opportunities.

Jim Babcock - IFC Healthcare Workshop
Caitlin McDonough - IFC Healthcare Workshop (2)
Laure Tessier - IFC Healthcare Workshop (1)
Jessica Knox - IFC Healthcare Workshop (1)
Bonnie Cheuk - IFC Healthcare Workshop (4)
Balaji Gopalan - IFC Healthcare Workshop (2)
Trisha Macleod - IFC Healthcare Workshop Copy (1)

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