Internal Challenges

Support employee development, internal growth and company advancement by working on internal challenges

Prepr will work with you to provide internal challenges offered to employees. These challenges will provide employees a chance to work innovative solutions while developing their skills.

Why Take on Internal Challenges?

Employee Growth

Support employee development, employee engagement, and neverending growth

Solve Industry Issues

Come up with innovative corporate solutions by people within the industry

Mobilize Your Employees

Connect with standout projects and standout employees, while developing agility and encourage communication.

Boost Agility

Support employees intrapreneurial spirites to allow innovation to happen within your organization

Prepr Customization

Create personalized challenges through Custom Challenge Kits, Custom Trophies, and more

Integration with Prepr App

View, create, and award challenges anytime, anywhere with the mobile-first Prepr Network

Develop New Solutions,
While Working

Internal Challenge Kit

Be the Best


This kit includes the PIE Kit and several challenges to hone your skills.

Featured Challenges

Artificial Intelligence Challenge

Can you think of any innovations, industries, services that could benefit from AI?

Cybersecurity Challenge

How can it be used to solve real-world challenges? Understanding and innovating in this field will be crucial to ensure populations privacy and security.

Smart Cities Challenges

It will be important for both businesses and governments to collaborate and innovate so all citizens live freely,


Featured Challenges


Hackathon Challenges


Student Challenges


Startup Challenges


Hybrid Challenges