Digital Capability Labs

We train youth as digital advisors in supporting the needs of small businesses. Through hands-on training, and work-integrated learning we ensure that both our advisors and their clients are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to achieve critical business goals, grow their audiences, and undergo 360-degree digital transformation journeys.

As seasoned entrepreneurs and growth consultants ourselves, our experienced team has collectively supported countless organizations and has even worked with countless clients of the BDC. Using our proven processes and our innovation framework we have delivered effective strategies and tactical action plans that created measurable differences for these clients, helping them to understand their competitive landscape, and transforming their businesses in the process. These are the insights and digital capabilities that we empower our digital advisors with.

The Labs

Our Digital Capability Labs are the perfect learning tool for developing the digital skills that clients need. In the process, users’ development is accelerated and tested in the real world as they work on projects that solve business problems and create opportunities.

Banner: Social Media Manager Career Lab

Social Media Manager Career Lab

Develop strategies that work, create engaging content, analyze data, and build growing communities online.

Full Stack Developer Career Lab

Build a complete understanding of how databases, servers, and browsers all inform the web development process for different sites.

Banner: Junior Data Scientist Career Lab.

Junior Data Scientist Career Lab

What are dimensionality reduction and multivariable linear regression models and how do they help data scientists?

Banner: Systems Administrator Career Lab.

Systems Administrator Career Lab

Explore career opportunities in systems administration involving LAMP stacks, Apache servers, and directory creation.

Banner: Machine Learning Engineer Career Lab.

Machine Learning Engineer Career Lab

Bring out your inner data scientist and leverage Python, segmenting and classifying data in order to make accurate predictions.

Banner: Cybersecurity Analyst Career Lab.

Cybersecurity Analyst Career Lab

Setting up and ensuring system security through iterative testing is what this exciting career path is all about.

Banner: Technical QA Analyst Career Lab.

Technical QA Analyst Career Lab

Understand how to use Selenium to test pages in websites, software and systems as a part of this business-critical career path.

Banner: Ecommerce Manager Career Lab.

Ecommerce Manager Career Lab

From competitive analysis to customer service, learn how data and user-centric design work to inform better online business.

Banner: Digital Producer Career Lab.

Digital Producer Career Lab

Learn how to create content that resonates with audiences covering branding, social media, video, and landing page design.

Banner: Cloud Architect Career Lab.

Cloud Architect Career Lab

Develop an understanding of how security, backup, and storage work combine to form effective cloud computing solutions.

Banner: Web Manager Career Lab.

Web Manager Career Lab

Learn how to plan and execute effective user experiences and search visibility through content, page layout, and SEO.

Banner: DevOps Engineer Career Lab.

DevOps Engineer Career Lab

From cloud networks to configuring automations and tools, this Lab explores the fundamentals of this exciting career pathway.

Banner: Business Analyst Career Lab.

Business Analyst Career Lab

Utilize competitive analysis in addition to planning and budgeting in order to build better eCommerce stores that beat the competition.

Banner: Digital Marketer Career Lab.

Digital Marketer Career Lab

Become a ‘full stack’ marketer by developing a complete understanding of how modern marketers drive traffic and create value.

Banner: Graphic Designer Career Lab.

Graphic Designer Career Lab

Develop your design skills and apply them to email and web design, social media content, and branding.

Banner: Product Manager Career Lab.

Product Manager Career Lab

Learn how to attract new customers to business offerings and nurture ongoing relationships that extend customer lifecycles.

Banner: Project Manager Career Lab.

Project Manager Career Lab

This business-critical career takes new ideas and products, leading and coordinating the delivery team from start to finish.

Banner: UX Designer Career Lab.

UX Designer Career Lab

From wireframing to user testing, this career is responsible for assisting with the design of user-centric web pages and applications.

Banner: Mobile Developer Career Lab.

Mobile Developer Career Lab

Develop an understanding of how the user acquisition process translates into different user retention efforts in mobile applications.

Banner: Web Developer Career Lab.

Web Developer Career Lab

From core website code and markup, understand how new languages and tools build on these to create remarkable online experiences.

Our Expertise

From the planning and launching of eCommerce stores to social media strategies that get results, our experienced team has the real-world experience to help you succeed.

Not only do we support the training of digital advisors, we also support employer training, and create tailored Labs to help organizations of all kinds tackle their challenges. Through these efforts, small businesses can get the most out of their digital transformation journeys.

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If you’re interested in partnering with us to empower youth digital advisors and support small businesses, reach out to us today.