Normalize Failure in Order to Drive Future Success

Normalize Failure in Order to Drive Future Success

Learning from mistakes is critical for ongoing development and continuous learning and success. Knowing how to accept failure without fear and how to grow from that failure is a key aspect of emotional intelligence and a strong growth mindset. Lifelong learning builds innovation; it builds creative problem solving; it builds progress. And so, knowing how to fail forward can be pivotal in building a future of success. 

So how do you teach your students to fail forward? How do you eliminate the fear of failure and teach students how to accept and learn from their mistakes? Normalize struggling and don’t make students feel bad for not understanding – a challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn. 

It is also important that you don’t moralize mistakes. Don’t treat failure as a product of laziness or lack of effort; failure happens when someone has tried – and it is crucial that students are encouraged to try. Approaching your student’s mistakes as a learning opportunity and not as a negative or punishable experience is key. Work to create a positive environment and a positive experience when giving and working through negative feedback. 

It is okay to fail. If we create a culture of fear surrounding failure we stunt our learning and if we wish to foster a growth mindset then we need to create an environment where failure is fine. If we are afraid to fail, then we will be afraid to try. And without trying – we will never grow, we will stop learning, and we will never reach our full potential. 


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