November Trend Report

November Trend Report

Fall is finally starting to come to an end and with the snow starting to hit the ground, now is a great time to take a moment to reflect on all of the changes happening around us. Here at Prepr, we continue to reflect on new tech trends in some of the most affected sectors: manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education and mobility.

Healthcare: Mobile Health (mHealth)

With technology advancing to better provide care to people in need, mobile health (mHealth) is a current trend in the healthcare industry. With a high population having access to mobile phones, mobile health allows anyone to get support at any moment in a cost-effective way.  According to an Emerline infographic, “80% of doctors use smartphones and medical apps and 40% of doctors believe that mHealth techs can reduce the number of office visits.” As mobile health has been in demand throughout the pandemic, the need for this technology will continue to grow and transform the healthcare industry.

Manufacturing: Digital Twins Can Support New Levels Of Flexibility

Within the manufacturing industry, a current trend is digital twins being able to support a new level of flexibility. According to a Deloitte report, “20% of manufacturing executives found that managing productivity is their top challenge of the current environment.” There are many benefits of utilizing digital twins, ranging from reducing costly defects from occurring to lowering the total development time needed in manufacturing, digital twins can transform this industry and take it to the next level.

Mobility: Shared Mobility

The future of mobility is focused on coming together and doing better to protect the environment with our daily choices. A current trend in this industry is shared mobility. According to a blog post on McKinsey, “more than 60 percent of people would share their shared-mobility ride with a stranger if doing so would add less than 15 percent to their travel time while reducing their cost.” Even after the pandemic, shared mobility will be a trend here to stay as it offers a more environmentally friendly way from getting from destination A to destination B.

Retail: Social Commerce

With technology improving and consumers having less time to shop in-store, many are now turning towards social commerce for convenience. According to a blog post on Tinuiti, “34% of shoppers bought a product online via PC, 38% bought a product online via tablet, and 44% bought a product online via mobile phone or smartphone.” During the pandemic, consumers’ shopping behaviour has changed and led to the popularity of social commerce. With this shopping method here to stay, many consumers will be continuing to enjoy the experience and convenience of shopping through social media platforms directly.

Education: Microlearning In The Classroom

A current trend in the education industry is the implementation of microlearning in classrooms. According to an article on SHIFTelearning, “Microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80%.” With this learning method being a current trend in the education industry, students will be able to learn more efficiently than with traditional learning methods alone.

Food: Immune-Boosting Foods

With the unprecedented challenges that continue to be faced amid the pandemic and the upcoming winter season, many are turning to immune-boosting foods. According to a blog post on GlobeNewswire, “over 40% of consumers have been buying more food or beverage products to protect their immune system because of the coronavirus.” To avoid getting sick this winter season, this food trend shows that many are seeking to enhance their immune systems.

Hospitality & Tourism: Virtual Reality Enhancing The Travel Experience

With the pandemic ongoing, many are still hesitant when it comes to travelling. Many factors are placed into consideration including Covid-19 safety protocols and attractions safety when travelling to a new destination they are uncertain of. According to a blog article on Digital In The Round, “virtual tours attract customers in the 18 to 34 years age group, as they are 130% more likely to book based on a virtual tour.” With the help of virtual hotel tours and virtual booking processes, many people can now better envision their vacation from the comfort of their own homes.

Environment: Sustainable Packaging 

With the environment industry being more important than ever before, there is an increase in the demand for businesses to use more sustainable packaging. According to a blog post on Packaging Digest, “around 74% of consumers say they are willing to pay an additional amount for products in sustainable packaging.” By avoiding plastic, businesses are transitioning towards a more sustainable way of packaging in order to protect the environment and limit waste pollution.

Finance: Shift To Contactless Payments

Many businesses are shifting towards contactless payments. According to a blog article on Pomelo Pay, “67% of small businesses along with 78% of consumers adopted new payments behaviours to adjust to Covid-19.” With spending on the rise with the start of the holiday shopping season, many businesses have opted for a contactless payment preference in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 and this will likely be a preference long after the pandemic comes to an end.

Energy: Renewable Energy Is On The Rise

While in the midst of the pandemic, it is extremely important to have access to energy. A current trend in the energy industry is an increase in community-owned renewable energy generation and storage. Along with better affordability, there are many benefits to switching towards renewable energy sources. From eliminating greenhouse gas emissions to protecting waterways, renewable energy presents a cost-effective way to reduce harmful pollutants.   


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