Celebrating Small Business Week with Prepr’s PIE® Framework

BDC's Small Business Week

Celebrating Small Business Week with Prepr’s PIE® Framework

Prepr Foundation supports entrepreneurs during Canadian Small Business Week (SBW) by encouraging people to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the soon to launch Prepr PIE® program, learners will get a taste of entrepreneurship by tackling social challenges with their peers. Fostering entrepreneurship is important as it forms a cornerstone of the economy with over 1.1 million small businesses in Canada employing more than 60% of private sector workers.

Entrepreneurship requires a high level of dedication, passion and know-how in the face of adversity and risk. Fortunately some of that risk can be mitigated with the right expertise and planning, and is the basis of this year’s SBW theme: Success Ahead! Map Your Future Growth. With over 200 events being offered from October 20-26, business professionals will be able to plan the road ahead by learning, networking and finding new opportunities.

Through initiatives like this Canada has become a hot spot for entrepreneurship with Toronto, Waterloo, and Vancouver ranking in the top 20 cities worldwide to start a business.

Prepr Foundation is fostering that entrepreneurial spirit through the Prepr PIE® program. With poor employment prospects for many Canadians, starting a business can provide an avenue for them to positively impact their community while making a livelihood. In particular, the millennials have one of the highest unemployment rates at 18%, but also a strong desire to be change-makers. Through the challenge based program, learners will work on projects with important social implications with the help of a diverse group of subject matter experts.

For 34 years the Business Development Bank (BDC) has been celebrating entrepreneurs through Small Business Week. The events generate considerable interest with over 10,000 business professionals attending across all events. BDC is the only Canadian bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs and offers services ranging from financing and venture capital to consulting.

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