Prepr Foundation Is Recruiting Volunteers to Pay It Forward Through Education

Volunteers collaborating on a project

Prepr Foundation Is Recruiting Volunteers to Pay It Forward Through Education

Prepr Foundation, an Open Education and Open Innovation non-profit, is recruiting volunteers to pay it forward by working with our team of engaged, passionate change-makers. From virtual volunteering, to helping with in-person events there are many different ways to get involved. No matter the position or activity, one common stream runs through all Prepr volunteers: first, they are excited about doing social good, and second they are do-ers, ready to jump into action. Together, this creates a team who is actively working to make a difference.

The current campaign is targeted at high school, college and university students, and offers an opportunity to not only be part of a bigger movement, but also to develop useful skills and gain experience. Prepr Foundation’s guiding vision is to create a community where people can foster their creativity and critical thinking skills while collaborating with others. As an organization, Prepr strives to do this both directly through its projects, as well as indirectly through its volunteer program by matching volunteers with events and responsibilities that excite and challenge them.

Founded in 2010 on the principle of Paying it Forward, Prepr strives to make a difference through its Open Education projects. Caitlin McDonough, a Change-Catalyst at Prepr explains further, “To us, paying it forward means taking a little bit of time out of each day to make someone else’s life better. Whether that means brightening their day with a smile or helping them to develop useful skills – every gesture counts.”
One upcoming opportunity is to get involved with the Prepr PIE program, which fosters skills related to innovation, entrepreneurship and project management through an experiential learning program.

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