Prepr AngelHack

Prepr AngelHack

In May of 2013, Prepr hosted the exciting Hack For Good event in partnership with AngelHack at the MaRS centre in Toronto! The hackathon was a weekend-long event in which tech start-up teams competed to create the most innovative, feasible, and creative software solutions for social change. By bringing together 180 developers, the hackathon created an atmosphere that was electric, buzzing with new ideas from the challenge of creating something brilliant in under 48 hours! 



Sponsored by Prepr, Hack For Good created a space for change-makers to come out to develop innovative solutions that benefit the global community. They brought their best ideas and took them to the next level while competing for $100,000 in prizes, entry into our accelerator program, and the life-changing opportunity to pitch to top investors! Supported by expert mentors and judges, the event was a HUGE success and we were so impressed with the creative projects our participants presented.

The project teams were dedicated to the cause, and many chose to hack through the night, taking shifts and even setting up camp under the MaRS atrium escalator! In total, 53 creative tech innovations were submitted!


The winning team for the Hack For Good hackathon was “Chip,” now known as

The Chip team produced a wearable device that reads your heart rate, perspiration and body temperature. Chip’s open application programming interface can be used by developers to create any app with a sensor. Chip can be a life-saving device—it can give pre-emptive notification of heart attacks. 

The runner-up was Code.Kata: 

The Code.Kata team produced quality data about developers for recruiters through the gamification of code tests and real-time matches.

Prepr was so proud to have hosted such a fruitful and exciting event! It is through hackathons like these that entrepreneurs are born and the world changes for the better.


Prepr (@PreprMe) is a non-profit organization which is building a Global Lab Network to connect entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and educators to co-LEARN, co-LAB, & co-SOLVE™ real-world challenges and create business opportunities.  

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