Prepr’s PIE® Framework: Tackling Challenges That Matter

PIE® Book by Prepr

Prepr’s PIE® Framework: Tackling Challenges That Matter

Prepr Foundation is announcing the November launch of Prepr π (PIE), a series of challenges that engage people, known as Prepr change-makers, in making a positive social impact while learning key skills. From food access to world literacy, change-makers work with their peers to take on real world problems.

Learning by Doing
With a compelling challenge at hand, participants are called to act: from talking with community members to understand their needs, to creating prototypes to test ideas and get feedback, this is an experiential learning process. While some teams will go on to create a new product or service and take it to market, the focus is on providing a practical framework for innovating, managing projects and building a startup. From curiosity to critical thinking, and collaboration to communication, change-makers learn by doing and by connecting with other learners.

Developing Solutions
With many recent graduates unable to find full-time work in their field, some are looking for other ways to gain hands-on experience, such as through internships and volunteering. The Prepr PIE challenges offers another avenue to learn and practice skills that are in high demand in the workforce, with the added benefit of being able to showcase the process and final result. “Innovation and an ability to cross domain boundaries is a skill that is increasingly in demand in today’s job market,” explains Salar Chagpar, Prepr Co-founder.

It also highlights learners as self-starters, capable of developing and managing solutions to complex problems. Millennials are driven by a need to create a positive impact, these challenges help them make a difference in a fun and team-based environment.

Prepr is committed to open access and as a member of the Open Courseware Consortium will be freely offering the PIE educational resources under the Creative Commons by-attribution, share alike (CC BY SA) license.

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