Preprlabs 3.0.0 Feature Release

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Preprlabs 3.0.0 Feature Release

Our new features are finally here! We have been working hard behind the scenes, listening to your feedback, and making moves to bring you all these awesome updates!

1. Late Project Submission – One thing that we can all relate to, is being late! Now you can submit late projects to a challenge if you accidentally missed an important deadline. However, accepting late project submissions is at the discretion of the challenge manager.

2. Flexible Pitch Templates – Solver’s can now select or create custom pitch templates for their project submissions. This means you now have all the freedom you could ask for to organize and present your innovative ideas to the world!

3. Multiple Pitch Selection Within a Single Project – Not only can you design your own custom submission pitch outlines, but now you are also able to add multiple pitches to the same project! Even more creative ways for you to showcase your entrepreneurial skills and multiple dimensions to your project as it evolves.

4. Project completion checker – We have taken the guesswork out of figuring out if your project submission is complete enough to be accepted into a challenge. Now as you finish each section of your project submission, you will see a green checkmark next to that completed section letting you know that it meets the criteria for submission. A green check on each section means your pitch is complete, ready for submission, and has everything you need to create a lasting and impactful solution.

5. Trophies Are Now Visible on Your Profile – This is probably our most exciting new feature yet! Now, every trophy you earn, every skill you acquire, and all your Prepr achievements are visible on your profile. Compete with friends to earn the most trophies, show off your skills and accolades to potential employers, and level up to become a lifelong problem solver!

6. Import badges – Not only can you show off all the things you earn within the Prepr Network, but you can also import any badges or trophies you have earned outside the Prepr Network from a third party organization to be displayed on your Prepr profile for everyone to see. Build and showcase your entire catalogue of skills with Prepr!

Log in and get familiar with all the new and exciting features for you to play with!

Check out the full changelog of feature release 3.0.0 here:

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