Prepr announces the launch of its Remote Work and Learn Initiative to Support Educators in Navigating the COVID-19 Era

Prepr announces the launch of its Remote Work and Learn Initiative to Support Educators in Navigating the COVID-19 Era

Prepr Foundation announced the launch of its Remote Work and Learn initiative to support high school and post-secondary students and educators affected by COVID-19. Through this initiative, Prepr and its network of partners are empowering teachers across North America to engage youth in challenge-based learning via the Prepr LearnLab Network. These real-world challenges include both the Future Sustainability Challenge Series featuring the UN Global Goals, as well as the Beyond Covid-19 Challenge Series. Through these structured innovation challenges, young people are given an opportunity to get involved in creating positive change communities while developing the skills and portfolio to help them get ahead. 

Given the expected shortfall in available summer internship positions for youth, this initiative will, in part, highlight the potential for remote ‘Work Integrated Learning’ to help students gain valuable experience. To facilitate this, Prepr will be making its proprietary technology and its Learn Lab network available to all secondary and post-secondary institutions for the duration of 2020. 

“Now more than ever, it’s important for youth around the world to become global citizens by taking action to own their future. This can only happen through diverse and inclusive collaborations supported by triangular cooperation between both the public and private sector in partnership with government,” said Salar Chagpar, CEO and Chief Visioneer at Prepr. 

Recognizing that technology alone is not the answer,  Prepr will be offering resources and virtual events to support educators and career professionals who are helping students navigate this new era. This will kick-off with a half-day webinar of talks and a panel discussion on May 6th at 1:00pm ET to explore remote work and learning in a post-pandemic world.

To learn more, or get involved contact Prepr.

About Prepr Foundation: Prepr provides both the tools, resources and technology to empower individuals to become lifelong problem solvers. Through triangular cooperation between the public and private sectors as well as government, we aim to strengthen the collaboration on challenges that affect individuals, communities, businesses, and infrastructure, creating a more sustainable future for everyone. 

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