Open Education and Social Entrepreneurship

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Open Education and Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a quickly emerging business strategy being employed by many of the most innovative Business Owners all over the globe. The concept seems a little foreign at first, but when you take a closer look it begins to become apparent that it is not only highly effective but if practiced correctly one of the most fulfilling Business paths to take.

The concept is basically defined as marrying a social outcome to the purpose of the venture. This is a perfect fit for education of course because the outcome is easily tied to the purpose of the project; the outcome we’d like to achieve is easier and more accessible Education for the people around the world. And the way we’ve gone about doing this is starting the Prepr Foundation to help facilitate our goals.

In a recent Globe and Mail article talking about the need for more social entrepreneurs needed in the education space. We agree whole-heartedly and would like to be the gateway to show other entrepreneurs how to bring their ideas and dreams to fruition through the Prepr Movement.

We want to create an environment that is supportive to big thinkers and social entrepreneurs and we would like to provide them with an outlet to make their ideas a reality. We can do this by combing education and entrepreneurship, creating a marriage that is beneficial to not only those within the Prepr community but everyone in the world, because our goal is to open education up for the people of the world.

If you would like to support social Entrepreneurship in Education join the Prepr Movement at Please leave us a comment if you have ideas about the best ways to increase the access to education or e-mail us at

Salar Chagpar
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