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Much evidence suggests that challenge-based learning is more engaging for students than traditional lecture-based learning is. Why is traditional learning lagging behind? Here are five of the top reasons that challenge-based learning engages students more: 1. Collaboration with peers Students are excited when they get to collaborate with...

One of the largest and most apparent benefits of challenge-based learning is the engaging skill-building experience. Students gain confidence and abilities that can be used in everyday life, in addition to school and work. As challenge-based learning is ultimately a problem-solving process, some of the...

Gender diversity in the workplace is not only a sign of progress, but a sign of success. And while most, if not all, organizations will agree that gender inclusion contributes positively to their business, sexism and barriers still permeate the workplace. A lack of flexibility,...

Learners are leading the way in industry evolution; those who continuously love to learn and seek skill improvement are leaders in innovation. Learning is a mindset and life-long learning leads to both personal and professional growth, but to industry progress. We must seriously consider whether...

Innovation is a major driver of our economy. In today’s world, technology and digital innovation are transforming almost every aspect of business and while every industry from retail to STEM is innovative in not only the work they produce, but in their entire work environment,...

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