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Prepr's flagship product is PIE®. An interdisciplinary problem-solving framework, that provides entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and their teams the tools they need to grow. Our mission is to strengthen the collaboration between public and private sectors on challenges that affect local communities, infrastructure, and governments, creating a...

Steven Karpenko is an instructor of entrepreneurship at Bishop’s University. Karpenko taught a 6-week “new venture creation” Entrepreneurship 101 course with PIE in October of 2019. The course was taught completely online and required a self-directed component to give students an entrepreneurial experience. Karpenko found...

The roles defined in a traditional pyramid are no longer relevant in the world of advanced technology. Thus, it is important to find new ways to connect to your business partners and stakeholders. This also includes focusing on customer satisfaction and self-organizing teams within your...

The skills gap is real. With multiple reports from both the World Economic Forum and the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations, providing research on the future of work, a global call has been made to both the public and private sector to...

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