The Cloud & Internet of Things

The Cloud & Internet of Things

Cloud computing and the internet of things have a very strong symbiotic relationship. Without the power of cloud computing, the data generated by the IoT is largely futile. When working in unison, they produce useful data assets that are of value to organizations and consumers. While the risks of IoT are very frightening to business leaders, mirthfully enough the solution and future of cybersecurity very well might be within the cloud.


For decades, the cloud has been feared by organizations and rightfully so. At the end of the day, you are trusting vast amounts of information with someone else. But with cybercrime on the rise, the traditional IT approach to security will likely not be enough to ensure your company is safe from an attack. Experts suggest that we must leverage the power and efficiencies that cloud services offer to build a strong defence and actively hunt current attacks. On average a covert attack takes 99 days to detect. Using the power of cloud computing, this number could be taken down significantly and even go as far as predicting future attacks based on big data analysis of current security measures.


As IBM’s CEO said “Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” It continues to disrupt societies way of life, cost businesses millions of dollars, puts our data at risk, and the worst part is it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. It’s imperative that as our world becomes more digitally integrated, we take the proper steps in ensuring our information is safe. It will be interesting to see how companies, cloud providers and governments react to the growing threat of cyber crimes over the next few years. I’m optimistically putting my money on the “good guys” but I guess we’ll find out.

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