The Future of Work and Next Steps

The Future of Work and Next Steps

The skills gap is real. With multiple reports from both the World Economic Forum and the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations, providing research on the future of work, a global call has been made to both the public and private sector to join forces and establish programs to help improve both digital literacy and the soft and hard skills needed for students to become future ready.

Most recently, Canada has launched the Future Skills Centre initiative, announced by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi on February 14th, 2019. This initiative funded by Employment Services Development Canada (ESDC) is another showcase of Canada’s commitment to leading the world in terms of proactive investment to talent development.

Prepr, a social enterprise and non-profit organization, set on a mission to tackle this challenge, some 8 years ago. Combining research on learning science and motivation theory, Prepr set out to build a lab network for individuals to learn the skills of the future through a unique combination of project-based, challenge-based, and incentive-based learning.

Building on both qualitative and quantitative research, Prepr is launching the world’s first project-based, challenge-based learning network that allows individuals to track, measure and showcase their learning from the time they first enter school to college/university through post graduation and within career. Enabling them to have a centralized co-curricular transcript across educational institutions and workplaces including startups and educational events such as hackathons and innovation challenges.

As the future of work becomes a dominant discussion amongst governments and organizations across the globe, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship will become a key driver to equip individuals to catalyze their thirst and passion for lifelong learning while embracing the impact of technology in the workplace.

In collaboration with Wilfrid Laurier University, ILO, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Prosperity Initiative, Prepr is leveraging the UN Sustainable Development Goals as 17 challenges that individuals can use as a way to ignite their passion towards a problem that they care about in order to build their skills through Prepr’s interdisciplinary problem solving framework, PIE.

First launched on Pi Day, March 14, 2014, Prepr’s PIE method was co-created with over 120+ collaborators. PIE is an interdisciplinary problem solving framework; a 3-phase method to help teams become agile and take their ideas to market in 90 days or less.

Using the PIE Method and the Prepr Network, and in collaboration with key partners, Prepr aims to mobilize one million individuals from around the globe to become problem solvers by 2024.

To join the movement to help individuals, organizations and governments become future-ready, get in touch to explore partnership opportunities.

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