P.I.E.® Kits

Looking to bring innovation into your organization, classroom or community? Explore our P.I.E.® Kits.  A complete ‘lab-in-a-box’ to help you create problem solvers and inspire action.

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What’s Included


PIE Book

The PIE Book is your complete guide to becoming a problem solver and creating business opportunities. Through this book, and engaging in the program, you will learn the three phase of PIE including, Project Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Digital Workbook

The digital PIE workbooks are your step-by-step how-to guide for each phase of the PIE Method. Use these as you begin planning your project to ensure you are thinking through each of the most important elements – from defining your target audience to prioritizing activities.


Method Cards

These are a series of cards that include a quick snapshot of the key points related to each step of PIE. They are an excellent tool and quick reminder of what needs to be done, whether they are used independently or in a group setting.


PIE Canvas

The PIE canvases are perfect for larger group brainstorming or going through the PIE framework quickly. They can also be pinned to a wall and used as an on-going planning and refinement tool.


Minds-on Cards

For facilitation in a group setting, the activity cards have quick minds-on activities to generate engagement and get participants thinking about what’s next.


Prepr Videos & Access to Prepr Bot

A series of short animated videos provides an excellent introduction to each step of PIE for anyone who wants to learn the key ideas quickly.

Not sure which tools you need? Speak to an advisor