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Explore the transformative potential of Prepr’s diverse range of pre-built programs, expertly curated to elevate your team’s capabilities and propel your company to new heights. Immerse yourself in interactive learning experiences with our tailor-made lab programs, led by seasoned professionals, all conveniently accessible from your own workspace.

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Experience our unique consultative approach, where our team works closely with yours to tailor the learning journey to your specific business needs. With our remote delivery system, your teams can thrive in groups of up to 25 per cohort, ensuring personalized guidance and tangible results.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with Prepr’s impactful learn-by-doing approach. Accommodating both part-time and full-time schedules, from entry-level employees to seasoned professionals. Join the ranks of satisfied businesses leveraging Prepr’s cutting-edge solutions. Let us guide you toward a future of boundless growth and unmatched success.

Our Programs

HR Catalyst Programs

HR professionals expand their knowledge to enhance HR business strategies to meet
labour force needs, technology changes and cultural shifts.

  • HR Catalyst: Strategic Transformation Program
  • HR Catalyst: Modernizing Employee Life Cycle
  • HR Catalyst: Cultivating Culture

Gen AI for Business

Implement AI tools to guide leaders and managers to become more productive and efficient at workflow management and problem-solving.

Cybersecurity for Business Managers

Learn to protect your business with cybersecurity fundamentals. This program will provide the knowledge and tools to ensure the security of intellectual property, customer data, employee data, vendor data, business systems,
and other vital data sources.

Product Growth Accelerator

Guide product team leaders from the early stage to amplify the customer base by focusing on product development, market fit, revenue growth, and KPIs; while emphasizing team dynamics and leadership skills.

Skills for Success for Digital Talent

Help your junior digital talent become intrapreneurs by enhancing their communication and problem-solving skills. This program practices cross-team collaboration for digital professionals, ensuring they have the technical and soft skills to develop, test and implement digital solutions.

Digital Capabilities for Early Talent

Train your junior team on essential digital skills to set them up for success in a rapidly changing digital landscape. This program ensures that your team has a blend of the technical competencies and soft skills necessary to implement and manage strategies that grow your business online.

Digital Transformation Program for Teams

Understand how to use technology effectively to improve your team’s productivity and scale growth. This program will train managers to establish a digital transformation plan and roadmap that allocates the right resources to execute the plan.

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