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Build skills for the real world.

Take your training beyond tests and quizzes. With our platform for hands-on learning, your talent learns how to apply their skills and creativity to real-world situations.

We make setup fast and flexible.

Jump start your programs with pre-built Labs, or build for your team’s exact needs with our features for custom learning experiences, including SCORM integration.

Learn with purpose.

With powerful features like Lab Programs and the Career Explorer, you can build custom learning paths structured around professional goals.

Assess, award, and showcase your talent.

With verified skills, digital portfolios, microcredentials and more, PreprLabs helps you celebrate and highlight your talent’s best work.

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    Sales & Marketing

    Drives revenue and is often the face of the company to customers.

    Human Resources (HR)

    Manages talent, which is the backbone of any company.

    IT Management

    Especially in the digital age, IT is pivotal for operations, communication, and innovation.

    Customer Service

    Directly impacts customer retention and satisfaction.

    Research & Development

    Fuels innovation and helps companies stay competitive.

    Business Development

    Expands the business’s reach into new markets and opportunities.

    Sustainability & Environmental Management

    Increasingly important due to global environmental concerns.

    Photo: Dayna.

    I found a lot of the skills that I had knowledge of prior, I was able to put into practice and gain a lot of confidence coming out of it.

    –Dayna, PreprLabs user

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