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How it Works

Prepr provides support and programming via our PreprLabs Network in order to help deliver quality skills development through virtual Labs and Challenges.

Access hands-on skills development with Lab-based learning.

Explore Labs and Challenges in order to solve real-world problems, build a portfolio, and develop the skills you need to thrive. Build new skills, explore the issues you’re passionate about, and earn microcredentials – all while building your portfolio.

Figure: funnel.
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Step outside of the traditional classroom and training environments in order to tackle real-world Challenges and gain practical, hands-on skills. From diving into Challenges associated with one of the 17 UN Global Goals, to exploring the intersection of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can decide what matters to you and define your own future-skills development.

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Work to develop the in-demand skills you’ll need to thrive well into the future. Whether you are providing your team members with the tools they need for critical professional development or looking to acquire new skills for your resumé –  the PreprLabs Network provides both an engaging and effective learning environment.

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Solve real-world problems in order to build not only skills but viable and innovative solutions. Lab and Challenge participants are able to apply their new skills while tackling issues that matter to them. In turn, organizations are able to access limitless talent and work towards valuable solutions for all of the critical problems they face.

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Through the PreprLabs Network, you can easily assess Projects from participants or receive feedback on your work in real-time. Project assessment provides participants with an additional opportunity to learn and improve – furthering a growth mindset that focuses on continuous learning.

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Earn or award achievements like badges, microcredentials, and awards for participating in, completing, and winning Challenges and Labs. Microcredentials provide strong motivation and incentive for learning – pushing yourself or your team towards success.

What is a Lab?

A Lab is a remote learning environment where participants complete a series of Challenges in order to develop new skills and solve real-world problems.

Some of the Organizations and People we Help

Learn more about how Prepr can help you to build skills while solving critical, real-world problems.