Features and Benefits

Prepr empowers individuals to build both soft and hard skills by tackling real-world Challenges to create business opportunities and unlock their infinite learning potential.

The PreprLabs Network provides the perfect remote environment for Lab-based skills development. The Labs and Challenges hosted on the Network allow for the easy facilitation of learning through hands-on creative problem solving.

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Connect with mentors

Connect with like-minded people and industry experts by joining and collaborating in Labs. From co-working spaces to entrepreneurship support organizations – our extensive location-based directory will help you find the teams, experts, mentors, resources, and opportunities you’re looking for.

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Earn Achievements

Complete Challenges and log in and use our platform to earn points. Collect Achievement Badges, and unlock new Challenges that help you develop and diversify your skills.

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Develop Soft Skills

Through Prepr you can easily build important soft skills like collaboration, communication, creative problem solving. By focusing on developing your soft skills you will be more adaptable, able to communicate and collaborate, and be ready for whatever the world throws at you.

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Create a Portfolio

The PreprLabs Network makes it easy to build a portfolio of work and share it with employers and potential teammates- building a shareable foundation for your future success.

“I’m always learning something new. Being able to work on real applicable challenges anytime and anywhere is what makes this so helpful.”