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Upskill your chamber members easily and effectively with the PreprLabs Network. This collaborative, challenge based learning environment is ideal for facilitating the ongoing skills development your members need in order to bolster their success and boost their growth.

Members can complete learning Labs and Challenges in order to build critical skills while ideating and innovating meaningful solutions for their organizations.


Lab Programs for Growth

Prepr’s Lab programs allow you and your members to push boundaries, expand mindsets, and grow into the future.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Diversity and Inclusion Lab provides the framework for unlearning and analyzing internal biases, bolstering inclusion initiatives, and building an organization that truly welcomes team members of all backgrounds.

Digital Capability

As the future becomes increasingly reliant on digital technologies, it is imperative that organizations look to boost their skill sets in these areas. This set of Labs looks to build skills in 20 different unique and valuable areas critical to any growing organization.

Sustainable Innovation

The PreprLabs Network is the perfect remote resource for your members to plan and manage their innovation. This Lab program is the ideal space for ideation, collaboration, and remote project management.

Innovation Management

This Lab program tackles the UNs sustainable development goals while giving organizations the opportunity to bolster their own sustainability practices and plan for their future.

“I learned a lot more about the process behind coming up with a product, as well as that process of developing that marketing strategy from the ground up.”

Dayna, F.U.N. Program participant

Collaboration for Innovation

The PreprLabs Network allows for the easy facilitation of team collaboration on projects with a wide range of goals. This challenge based learning and ideation approach allows for members to work together, communicate, and develop their team-building skills while honing their hard skills and developing solutions for their organization.


Our proven P.I.E.® method will provide your chamber members with the foundation they need to continually innovate new solutions for their organizations. This three-step process works through Project Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in order to ideate and plan for the long term success of any project.

Project Leadership

Build a cross-functional agile team and learn to get things done.


Understand your users’ problem and create solutions that delight them.


Experiment with channels, customer segments and your value story to find a story that fits.

We’re Prepr, and we’re here to help you grow.

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