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Hands-on training, teaching and innovation. Anywhere.

We help teams like yours build job-ready skills and launch market-ready innovations. Discover our learning and innovation programs and our learn-by-doing platform, PreprLabs.

Network for Hands-On Learning and Innovation

Take your learning beyond the coursework with PreprLabs.

Enhance your team’s remote and hybrid learning with PreprLabs, our learn-by-doing platform. By signing up your organization, your team can:

  • Train better with collaborative, challenge-based learning
  • Engage talent by assessing and rewarding outstanding solutions
  • Build continuous learning with our network of challenges and experts.


Free Challenges


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Learning Resources

What can PreprLabs do for you?

Speed up growth and learning
with ready-made learning labs.

Whether you’re upskilling talent or bringing an idea to market, PreprLabs’ ready-to-use programming and resources help you train, ideate and engage faster and easier.

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Set up tailored learning experiences
with custom labs.

PreprLabs helps you meet your learning goals head-on with support for custom learning programs, microcredentials, and resources.

We treat your team as a partner, and will work with you to build a program that achieves your goals.

Synergize remote and in-person learning
with Lab Kits.

Enhance your PreprLabs experience with problem-solving toolkits that support hybrid work and learning experiences in the office and the classroom.

Interested? PreprLabs is free-to-try for all organizations.

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Special Programs

Make a real-world impact with our skills and innovation programs.

We believe it takes collaboration to build a better future. That’s why we work with community partners and industry experts on programs to launch ideas, boost careers, and solve real-world challenges.

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