What We Offer

Prepr Lab Programs allow you to co-create, register, or sponsor labs that fit in with you and your organization or team needs. No matter what type of organization or team you are leading, we have programming and services that can help you build on your strengths and identify challenging areas of growth.

Together we’ll work to get you and your teams where you need to be through interactive and engaging learning exercises that will strengthen your organization, how you work, and how you do business.

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Learning Labs

Our Labs are places where like-minded people can co-LEARN. co-LAB. co-SOLVE.® together by tackling real-world challenges and creating business opportunities. Labs offer a place where learners can work together on projects that they can submit for accreditations and badges that will make participants’ career profiles stand out. Points are automatically awarded for engagement and activity on our platform that can be redeemed for prizes and more.

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Lab Programs

Prepr offers different Programs that are specialized to your needs and the needs of your organization or team.

  • Post-Secondary
  • Enterprise
  • Incubators & Accelerators
  • District School Boards
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Special Lab Programs

Prepr offers a variety of different programs that allow marginalized groups to grow their skills. We empower individuals to pursue careers in innovation and technology sectors.

Remote LearnLab Kits

Looking to bring innovation into your organization, classroom, or community? Our Learnlab kits provide you with everything you need as a complete ‘lab-in-a-box’ that gives you all the tools that you need to help you create problem solvers on your teams and inspire them to take action in organizational Challenges. These can be problems that you have identified, or they can be real-world learning opportunities that foster the internal skills development that both your organization and its teams need to be successful.

What’s included:

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PIE Book

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Digital Workbooks

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Method Cards

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PIE Canvas

Structured Challenges

Prepr is the only learning experience network that helps you unlock your organization’s potential through structured Challenges. Combined with the PIE Method, it’s the very best way to not only tackle your organizations most critical hurdles, but it’s also the best way to utilize those hurdles in creating real learning experiences that invest in the career development of your team members while at the same time helping your organization achieve its goals.

Why build a Challenge?

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Build a community & attract talent

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Get new ideas & solve challenges

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Upskill & engage employees

“I am very impressed with Prepr… In short, which does not do it justice, it may be the best business planning program that I have ever seen.”

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Darrel Flewell

Channel Operations Manager / Training & Certification