Innovate smarter with P.I.E.®

PIE® is an innovation framework which helps you launch marketable solutions for real-world challenges.

With PIE®, you’ll learn how to build an Agile, cross-functional team and work with your key stakeholders to take your idea from problem to pitch deck in 90 days or less.

Illustration: P.I.E. Framework.

PIE Overview

Illustration: project leadership.

Project Leadership

Build a cross-functional agile team and learn to get things done.

Illustration: a lightbulb representing innovation.


Understand your users’ problem and create solutions that delight them.

Illustration: rocket ship representing entrepreneurship


Experiment with channels, customer segments and your value story to find a story that fits.

PIE – Leadership



Step 1: Think Agile

Step 2: Build Team

Step 3: Define Needs

Step 4: Know Limits

Step 5: Reflect and Grow

PIE – Innovation



Step 1: Engage

Step 2: Synthesize

Step 3: Ideate

Step 4: Create

Step 5: Evaluate

PIE – Entrepreneurship



Step 1: Test Ideas

Step 2: Create Value

Step 3: Understand Customers

Step 4: Define Potential

Step 5: Measure & Optimize