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Innovation management is critical to long term success; many of the organizations that continue to thrive through times of hardship are the same organizations that progressively adapt their business models to fit the changing world around them. This requires continual learning and creative innovation.

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Prepr’s Labs offer a place for easy collaboration and effective upskilling for efficient and purposeful professional development. These Labs also encourage and support creative problem solving and provide workers the opportunity to innovate in order to tackle the real-world issues affecting your organization. 

Labs not only provide an effective environment for professional development and innovation, but also for onboarding and training in an ever-evolving remote working world. 

Getting Started Lab For Innovators

This Lab is designed to support effective and collaborative skills development while pushing for stronger innovation and creative ideation. 

The Challenges: 

  • Beyond Covid-19 Education Challenge
  • Cybersecurity Challenge
  • Quality Education Challenge
  • Open Source Innovation in Artificial Intelligence Challenge
  • Smart City Challenge
  • Innovating Solutions For Your Business Challenge
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How Prepr Can Help You Business Grow 

The PreprLabs Network supports a wide variety of skills-development in order to support organizations and individuals in their professional development. The project-based learning supported by the PreprLabs Network encourages collaboration, creative problem solving, and ongoing learning for future-proof success.

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