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Jump-start key industries by closing the digital knowledge gap

Digital skills and infrastructure have become a crucial part of today’s leading industries, sparking a growing demand for new skills and innovations within sectors that have fallen behind. If you’re looking to become a catalyst for industry change, our Future Labs can help, engaging your team to ideate, co-create and innovate disruptive solutions for key industries on the cusp of entering the digital age.

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Foster a positive team culture with our Diversity and Inclusion Lab


Take a leading role the future of key industries by building disruptive solutions to digital skills and innovation gaps


Connect and share your innovations with a network of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs using Prepr’s virtual Lab network


Enhance your team’s learning agility and innovation capacity by building solutions with real-world audiences and impact


Rapidly develop Agile, value-driven products and services using Prepr’s P.I.E.® Framework

Disrupt and transform industries with Future Labs

The Future Labs’ challenge-based learning approach applies your team’s creativity and know-how to bring innovative new ideas to ten key industries struggling to adapt to the digital world. Each Lab uses Prepr’s signature P.I.E.® Framework to take your project from problem to pitch deck in 90 days or less.

Using the PreprLabs Network, each Future Lab connects your team with like-minded experts and entrepreneurs, fostering effective collaboration on problems and solutions with industry-changing potential. Our Labs’ practice-oriented approach helps your team find viable, market-ready solutions while jump-starting their learning agility and entrepreneurial capacity.

Choose from 10 key industries

The Industry Future Challenge is an initiative designed to explore the intersection of disruptive technologies like cyber-security, smart cities, and artificial intelligence and the future of work and industry. Through these workshops and our open challenge call, we aim to identify critical opportunities across 10 key industries.





Supply Chain & Logistics

Hospitality & Tourism





Case study: Sparking innovation with the Industry Future Challenge

At Prepr, we believe that small and dedicated teams can make a big difference in our world. That’s why we launched the Industry Future Challenge series, a collection of workshops and contests focused on closing the digital skills gap across ten major industries.

Challenge participants were granted access to Future Lab resources and employed Prepr’s P.I.E.® method to rapidly prototype ideas. Over 65 innovative solutions were developed, with $750,000 in prizes and incentives distributed to winning teams.

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