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Meet the growing challenge of sustainability

Sustainability has become an unavoidable consideration for today’s top organizations, sparking a growing demand for real answers to environmental, social and governance issues around the world. If you’re looking to tackle big problems and take a leading role in corporate social responsibility, our Sustainable Innovation Labs can help, engaging your team to ideate, co-create and innovate solutions for some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Build future-proof solutions to global challenges with Sustainable Innovation Labs

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Future-proof your organization by developing real-world innovations that tackle major Environmental, Social and Governance issues

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Connect and share your innovations with a network of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs using Prepr’s virtual Lab network

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Build Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that stand out from the crowd by taking on Challenges that make a real-world impact

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Rapidly develop Agile, value-driven mindsets and solutions using Prepr’s P.I.E.® Framework

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Inspire real-world solutions with Sustainable Innovation Labs

The Sustainable Innovation Labs’ challenge-based learning approach leverages your talent’s creativity and know-how to build viable solutions for the 16 Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations. Each Lab uses Prepr’s signature P.I.E.® framework to take your project from problem to pitch deck in 90 days or less.

Choose from Labs based on 16 Sustainable Development Goals

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Using the PreprLabs Network, each Sustainable Innovation Lab connects your team with like-minded experts and entrepreneurs, fostering effective collaboration with real-world impact. Our Labs’ practice-oriented approach produces a viable, market-ready pitch while jumpstarting your team’s project leadership, innovation capacity and learning agility.

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Case study: Sparking innovation for a better tomorrow with Future Sustainability Challenges

At Prepr, we believe in innovating together for a better tomorrow. That’s why we launched the Future Sustainability Challenge series, a monthly call for pitches targeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Challenge participants were trained in the P.I.E.® Framework and provided Sustainable Innovation Lab resources. After a month of project time, submissions were reviewed by industry experts, and prizewinning pitches were presented over Prepr’s media channels.

In total, participants developed solutions for 16 Sustainable Development Goals, presenting innovative and disruptive ideas across a wide spectrum of Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

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Ready to build for a better future?

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