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Looking to start working in a digital profession? If so, our partnership with Youth Boost is here to help.

Powered by Magnet and funded through the Government of Canada, Youth Boost connects Canadian job-seekers between 18 and 30 years of age with career development resources and challenges, as well as paid placements in small-to-medium enterprises.

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By joining and completing Youth Boost Career Labs, you showcase your talents to Youth Boost’s employment partners and maximize your success in finding a placement.

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Web Developer

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Mobile Developer

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Product Manager

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Full Stack

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Graphic Designer

Banner: DevOps Engineer Career Lab.

DevOps Engineer

Banner: Social Media Manager Career Lab.

Social Media Manager

Banner: Digital Producer Career Lab.

Digital Producer

Banner: Machine Learning Engineer Career Lab.

Machine Learning

Banner: Business Analyst Career Lab.

Business Analyst

Banner: Technical QA Analyst Career Lab.

Technical QA Analyst

Banner: Cybersecurity Analyst Career Lab.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Banner: Cloud Architect Career Lab.

Cloud Architect

Banner: Junior Data Scientist Career Lab.

Data Analyst

Banner: Systems Administrator Career Lab.


Banner: UX Designer Career Lab.

UX Designer

Banner: Web Manager Career Lab.

Web Manager

Banner: Project Manager Career Lab.

Project Manager

Banner: Digital Marketer Career Lab.

Digital Marketer

Banner: Ecommerce Manager Career Lab.

Ecommerce Manager

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