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Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. We routinely hear from the people we work with that they love the way we connect every learning to a real-world example and related outcomes because it helps clarify the relevance of the lesson and makes the information stick. Our Research Case Studies are no different. Explore them now to learn what others learned working on real-world projects.

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The P.I.E.® Framework

PIE is an interdisciplinary problem-solving framework with 3-phases, and 15 steps to help you go from an idea to market in 90 days or less.

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Our Blog

We cover tech events, news in the industry, current Prepr Foundation happenings, and the announcement of new challenges.

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Video Library

Browse our extensive collection of video resources. Learn from some of the most experienced industry experts and understand how they have overcome the obstacles that confronted their organizations by watching our webinars, guest talks, and lectures.

Expand your skills and knowledge with our instructional and educational video collections.