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From case studies, to blog articles, to video, we have resources to help you along the way with every obstacle you encounter in your projects.

Just here to investigate and explore a specific skill because it will help you in your career development? That’s cool. But why not take on one of our Challenges at the same time? You can even connect it to a real work problem that you’re working on anyway, so it’s hardly any extra work. Gain achievement badges and trophies that demonstrate your professional development to our network of potential employers. And collect points that are redeemable for cool prizes!

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Research Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. We routinely hear from the people we work with that they love the way we connect every learning to a real-world example and related outcomes because it helps clarify the relevance of the lesson and makes the information stick. Our Research Case Studies are no different. Explore them now to learn what others learned working on real-world projects.

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The PIE® Framework

PIE is an interdisciplinary problem solving framework with 3-phases, and 15 steps to help you go from an idea to market in 90 days or less.

Learning by Doing

With a compelling challenge at hand, participants are called to act: from talking with community members to understand their needs, to creating prototypes to test ideas and get feedback, this is an experiential learning process with a focus on providing a practical framework for innovating, managing projects and building a startup. From curiosity to critical thinking, and collaboration to communication, change-makers learn by doing and by connecting with other learners.

Developing Solutions

With many recent graduates unable to find full-time work in their field, some are looking for other ways to gain hands-on experience, such as through internships and volunteering. Our Challenges offer another avenue to learn and practice skills that are in high demand in the workforce, with the added benefit of being able to showcase the process and final result.

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Our Blog

We cover tech events, news in the industry, current Prepr Foundation happenings, and the announcement of new challenges.

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Video Library

Browse our extensive collection of video resources. Learn from some of the most experienced industry experts and understand how they have overcome the obstacles that confronted their organizations by watching our webinars, guest talks, and lectures.

Expand your skills and knowledge with our instructional and educational video collections.

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Learning & Development Assessment

We create learning experiences in organizations like yours every day. Let us help uncover opportunities for learning & development and translate these into Challenges that can improve collaboration, and champion professional development and recognize achievement in your workplace.

This assessment survey asks more detailed questions to give us insights on how we can help to unlock hidden potential of your enterprise. (10 minutes)

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Innovation Assessment

Every year we find opportunities for organizations like yours to innovate, embracing change, improving collaboration, and conducting better business.

This Innovation Score assessment will quickly help you see how your organization ranks as an ‘innovator’ and how you can take the next steps to improve. (1 minute)

This Innovation Survey asks more detailed questions to give us insights on how we can right-size an innovation solution for your organization. (5 minutes)