Encourage Collaborative & Innovative Community Development

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Engage with your community and foster a culture of positivity and inclusivity

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Understand community needs and work to find new ways to address them

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Facilitate crucial skills development for you and your community members

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Bring added value to your community and its members

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

Through our hands-on virtual learning network, you can easily facilitate collaborative skills development and share ideas with your members in order to effectively and efficiently find and solve the issues that matter most to them

Connect with your community and easily facilitate crucial skills development while tackling the real-world problems that are most important to your members’ growth.

Our Labs foster creative problem solving and spark new ideas in order to develop the critical hard and soft skills you need. These Labs offer the perfect model for learning-by-doing and engaging learning. Sign up for a free demo account now!

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It definitely challenged me in many ways. It was exciting, a little scary, it look a lot of time, but the end results were amazing. I was very satisfied with the process and the people that I met.

– Andre, University of Alberta participant

Not sure how to get started?

Watch this short video and see just how easy it is to join the Prepr Network and start creating Labs and Challenges in order to bring critical skills development and meaningful networking to your community.

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