Educating and innovating is at the
heart of everything that we do.

We are passionate innovators and entrepreneurs who
want to pay it forward to by helping individuals, teams
and businesses develop the skills and competitive
advantages they need to succeed in today’s economy.

Through our programs, learners get the tools, framework,
and expertise they need to start, grow and scale a business.

The Story of Prepr

The Prepr idea was seeded in the mind of our Co-Founder & Chief Visoneer, Salar Chagpar. In 2010, with a vision to explore the cross-sections between open education and open innovation, we set out to forge a solution with the potential to impact a billion people’s lives worldwide.

Prepr was first debuted at MIT TechFair in Boston on January 31, 2011 – a part of President Obama’s ‘Startup America Partnership’ program. Following a period of extensive user research, we built our first application – a social network for education with a focus on test preparation and certification.

In 2013, after realizing the gap between digital and physical learning experiences, we reached a major milestone. Within a year, the flagship product (branded ‘PIE’) was born and launched on Pi Day, March 14, 2014.

The Prepr team and its co-creators and volunteers work tirelessly to test, update, and iterate on the PIE Method, focusing on creating unique learning experiences that are complemented by technology (without letting technological workflows overshadow the foundational concepts themselves).

Currently, we are focusing our efforts on delivering PIE to both public and private sector in order to bridge collaborative learning experiences, and to lab relevant solutions that solve some the world’s toughest challenges.

“We believe in the power of innovation,
collaboration and education to change the world.”
Salar Chagpar,
Chief Visioneer


Experiment with ideas and learn to solve user-driven challenges in the real world.


We create a safe space for you to learn and collaborate on projects with peers and advisors.


We teach you how to create, grow, and scale a business using our PIE Education Program.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a social learning community
that provides the tools and support to make
education effective, engaging, and accessible.

We envision a world where students are
empowered to ask questions, seek knowledge, and
innovate together – a future where education is a
basic human right that improves the lives of
individuals, families and communities.


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The Prepr Leadership Team

Alnoor ChagparCaitlin McDonoughSalar ChagparNatasshia LeeSalar Chagpar


A Few of Our Valued Advisors

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