Prepr is the perfect collaborative innovation platform for streamlining the growth of new startups and supporting active incubator and accelerator programs that want to create dynamic, hands-on, remote learning environments for their clients.

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Whether you are an incubator or accelerator program that is already operational, or you are looking for new opportunities to create dynamic, challenge-based learning environments for startups, Prepr Labs is here to help you streamline your process.

We are a Global Lab Network connecting startups, incubators, accelerators, partners and investors together to co-LEARN. co-LAB. co-SOLVE® by using real-world challenges to explore and develop business opportunities. Prepr can provide Lab Kits, as well as access to our PreprLabs Network, and custom Labs to suit your needs. Labs can be used to optimize assessment, onboarding, engagement, and growth of startups while assisting them in collaborating, learning, acquiring credentials, and managing their business and brand.

Why Use The PreprLabs Network?

Partnering with Prepr streamlines the process of managing your incubator or accelerator by providing learning, collaboration, networking, and consultation all in one interface.


Professional Development

Foster the professional onboarding and development of new employees, manage your HR processes, and assess potential talent by having candidates address real Challenges that stand in the way of your startups’ success.


Resource Provision

PreprLabs supports incubators and accelerators like you in providing your startup clients access to professional resources that may have previously been unavailable.


Bring Workshops & Hands-On Mentorship Back

Organize innovation Challenges by topic, invite partners and stakeholders to mentor and evaluate with competing teams, and showcase the winning projects submitted to each, sharing the perspective that there are different ways to tackle a problem.


Partnership Development

Invite your startup partners to engage in a 360 degree audit of each others’ marketing strategies. Organize Labs in the tech space in order to connect cluster startups on your roster and connect them to experts who can support their growth in conversations that are not bound by physical time and distance.


Facilitate Access to Funding

Set up Challenges on PreprLabs that guide your startups through the world of funding — help them develop the necessary networking skills and approaches in addition to the navigational senses needed to explore and vet opportunities and demonstrated capabilities in a virtual environment, providing real time and iterative feedback.


Focus Your Startups’ Efforts

Use PreprLabs as a structural framework for keeping your startups’ teams on-track, maintaining an agile methodology, and embodying a growth mindset as they work to overcome critical milestone stages in their growth, ensuring that everyone is involved in crucial, foundational exercises defining company vision, mandate, and internal cultural identity, even in a remote workspace.



Leverage the networking and co-working capabilities of PreprLabs to create powerful and symbiotic relationships that can benefit your startups by connecting them to angel investment networks and foster conversations and pitch presentations that catalyze their explosive growth.

“I learned a lot more about the process behind coming up with a product, as well as that process of developing that marketing strategy from the ground up.”

Taylor, F.U.N. Program participant


Beyond Covid-19: Industry Futur{e} Challenge

The Futur{e} Challenge is a multi-industry challenge, designed to bring both the public and private sector together to prioritize challenges around emerging technologies and its impact on people, the planet and the global economy.

The Futur{e} Challenge aims to solve problems across industries while addressing and solving the skills gap. This multi-industry challenge was inspired by reports from the World Economic Forum and the International Labour Organization (ILO) of the United Nations on the ever growing skills gap and the future of work.




members of industry from the healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail, food, technology industry sectors.


0 +

partners from the public, private, and government in co-designing the world’s first open innovation challenge for COVID-19 recovery and relief.



challenge ideas statements to be made tank future challenge across 6 industries.


think tank future challenge sessions.



challenge statements to be available to students & startups through the Prepr Network.



Beyond Covid-19: Global Open Innovation Challenge

This global open innovation challenge, is a Call To Action for all communities to collaborate and take action in order to create innovative solutions for the Covid-19 Challenge. Challenge teams used the Prepr PIE methodology to ideate and engineer innovative solutions to pandemic-related issues in the four challenge areas.

Honing their Project Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship skills through proactive challenge-based learning, the participants submitted thoughtful, original, feasible solutions to Covid-19 issues.


0 +


0 +



Social innovations across 4-categories awarded prizes


Partner with Prepr today to keep your organization on the cutting edge of innovation. Our solutions improve both in-person and remote work experiences to better learn together, collaborate, and solve real-world challenges.

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